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Who are we?

Caravan of Rural Oklahomans for Peace (C.R.O.P.) is loosely organized group of individuals who are united in the cause of peace in rural Oklahoma. Our primary mission is to work with local peace groups to organize peace protests in their own communities.

How is C.R.O.P. organized?

C.R.O.P. is a loosely organized non-hierarchical organization. There are no "officers" or anything like that, but if you are with the press and need to speak with one of us, these organizers who would be happy to speak with you via email:

  • james(at)okpeaceharvest.com
  • rachel(at)okpeaceharvest.com
  • brian(at)okpeaceharvest.com

How can I get involved?

1. Sign up for the OKPeaceHarvest listserve where much of our organizing takes place.

2. Come to our next C.R.O.P. protest.

3. Organize a local peace group in your commnity! (We can help you on this.)

Where can I find out about local Oklahoma Peace organizations?

There are many peace groups that are currently active and more are being organized as time goes by. Here are a few links to groups we are aware of...

If you group is not on this list (or if you need help in creating a website for your local peace group) please contact james(at)okpeaceharvest.com.

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